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Write Better with Ballpoint Pens

Trusted by students and professionals alike, PILOT Ballpoint pens deliver a superior writing experience. These ballpoint pens deliver smooth, skip-free ink that lets your thoughts flow freely. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip ensure fatigue-free writing during extended sessions. Most PILOT ballpoint pens are refillable, letting you save money while keeping your favourite pen by your side. Find your perfect pen from our various ink colours and tip sizes, designed to elevate your everyday writing.

Refill Your PILOT Ballpoint Pens

Never stop writing with your favourite PILOT Ballpoint pen. These ballpoint pens are refillable, reducing waste and saving you money. Find the perfect refill for your PILOT pen here.

BegreeN Acroball Retractable Ballpoint Pens by Pilot Pen in blue, pint, red, purple and green on a note pad on a desk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Ballpoint pens dispense ink over a metal ball at their point. The ball rolls freely and is coated with ink from the cartridge, transferring ink onto the paper. This system allows for smooth, consistent ink flow with minimal pressure, making them perfect for everyday use.

Ballpoint pens come in many styles, whether for the office or the classroom, ensuring you find the perfect match. Options include multifunctional or standard pens, premium or economical choices, pens with erasable or archival ink, slim designs or specialised comfort grips. Most of these pens at PILOT are also refillable!

Ballpoint pens are renowned for their reliability and durability. They offer a longer writing life without drying out and work well on most types of paper, making them perfect for everyday use—from writing assignments and bullet journaling to ticking off your to-do lists.

While most ballpoint pens don't offer archival-quality ink, Pilot's Acroball range is a standout exception. Designed specifically with archival ink, these pens ensure that your writing withstands the test of time, perfect for preserving important documents and notes.

Not all ballpoint pens are refillable, but you'll be happy to know that all ballpoints offered by Pilot Pen Australia are designed with refills in mind. This helps to minimise waste and keep your favourite pens writing longer. To find the right refill for your Pilot Pen, just head over to our Refill Finder tool. It’s easy to use and ensures you find the perfect match!

When picking a ballpoint pen, think about what you'll mostly use it for. If comfort is key, look for pens with ergonomic grips and smooth ink flow. Also, consider if the pen is refillable and the ink's durability—especially if you're handling important documents, you might want archival ink to ensure your writing lasts.

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