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Ballpoint pens

PILOT ballpoint pens are known for their smooth writing experience and reliable performance. Most of these pens come with comfortable grips, making them ideal for extended writing sessions. Available in a variety of ink colours and tip sizes, PILOT ballpoint pens offer a perfect option for everyday writing needs, from note-taking to journaling. Plus, most of these ballpoint pens are refillable, helping to reduce waste, and offering long-term value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, it is better to use Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol) which is a solvent to dissolve oil-based ink. Thinner or Benzaine can also be used for the removal of stains, but they are stronger than ethanol and they may damage the material. In the first instance use a cloth soaked in Ethanol first and wipe up the ink stain carefully. If this is unsuccessful then try thinner or Benzaine.

PILOT Acroball ink combines the best of both worlds, delivering the quick-drying, consistent lines of a ballpoint pen while providing the bold, vivid colours typically associated with gel pens.

For the standard Dr. Grip, you can refill and continue enjoying your PILOT writing experience with an RFNS-GG Refill.

For the Advanced range of Dr Grip, such as Dr. Grip Advance, Dr. Grip Pure White and Dr. Grip: BRFN-10.

Dr Grip 4 + 1 uses BVRF-6F.