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Acroball Ink Refill

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Archive safe, advanced oil-based ink which offers smudge free writing

Smooth and consistent ink flow for effortless writing

Compatible with PILOT Acroball Pure White and Acroball pen models

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The Acroball ink refill (BRFV-10) is celebrated for its archival quality, guaranteeing a smooth and smudge-free writing experience that brings joy to enthusiasts who value seamlessness. Its compatibility spans across a wide array of PILOT pen models, including PILOT Acroball Pure White and Acroball.

The refill's versatility enables users to conveniently switch pens, providing the flexibility for a seamless transition between different models. Whether relishing the satisfying glide of the pen on paper or effortlessly switching between compatible pens, the Acroball ink refill brings an extra layer of joy and contentment to the Art of Writing, elevating the overall writing experience for discerning pen enthusiasts.

PILOT Acroball ink combines the best of both worlds. It dries quickly and delivers consistent lines like a ballpoint pen, but also lays down bold, vivid colours typically associated with gel pens. On top of that, the ink is archival-quality, ensuring its resistance to fading and promoting the longevity of your written works.

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