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MR Premium

MR Premium

The PILOT MR Range, also known as the Metropolitan series, provides eye-catching design, colour and personality to your writing experience. Crafted with precision and care, this collection offers high-quality executive writing tools: including ballpoint, mechanical pencil and fountain pen, that are perfect for your everyday needs.

MR1 Classic

Elegance and style in timeless executive colours.
Available in Black, Silver and Gold Barrels.

MR2 Animal Print

Confidence and power when you write.
Available in White Tiger, Bronze Lizard, Silver Python, Deep Purple Leopard and Black Crocodile.

MR3 Retro Pop

Make a statement with a burst of colour and personality.
Available in Red Wave, Orange Flower, Light Green Marble, Violet Ellipse and Grey Houndstooth.


MR3 Retro Pop Mechanical

Mechanical Pencils

How-to: Refill your MR Ballpoint Pen

With a smooth twist of the wrist, you can change the old refill in your PILOT MR Ballpoint with a new one! The MR Ballpoint uses Acroball Hybrid Refills BRFN-10 and BRFN-30.

How-to: Use your MR Mechanical Pencil

So much is hiding under the cap of your favourite PILOT MR Mechanical Pencil! By taking out the built-in eraser, it's super easy to refill with our G Neox Leads. PILOT Pen's MR Mechanical Pencil uses 0.5mm Refills.

How-to: Refill your MR Fountain Pen

When you open up your MR Fountain Pen for the first time, you'll find a CON-B Ink Converter ready to go! Here's a step-by-step video of how to ink up your favourite MR with PILOT's coveted Iroshizuku Ink.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most fountain pens like the PILOT Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM and CUSTOM Heritage range have threaded (twist) caps. When using a fountain pen for the first time, it is best practice to try unscrewing the cap first to prevent unnecessary damage.

If you prefer a fountain pen with a friction-fit cap, that opens and closes with a satisfying 'snap!', we recommend the PILOT Kakuno, MR Range, Explorer, Cavalier and E95s.

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50) & Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) Only:
Desk Fountain Pen, MR Range, Prera, Cavalier, E95s, Capless

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50), Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) & Push Button Ink Converter (CON-70):
Kakuno, Explorer, Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM 74, CUSTOM 742, CUSTOM 743, CUSTOM 845, CUSTOM Heritage 912, CUSTOM Heritage SE, CUSTOM Urushi, Namiki

One of the pleasures of fountain pens is that they require very little pressure to write as ink flows smoothly through the nib. Be more gentle than you would with a ballpoint or rollerball. Pushing too hard will damage the nib.