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BegreeN G Neox Graphite Lead Refills

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Exceptionally smooth writing experience

Consistent and precise lines

High break-resistance for durability

Enhanced darkness and contrast in your writing

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The PILOT BegreeN G Neox Graphite leads offer a delightful writing experience, igniting a sense of joy and satisfaction with every stroke. The smoothness and precision they deliver evoke a feeling of confidence and creativity.

The G Neox Graphite leads are made from high-purity graphite that is suitable to be used in mechanical pencils. The graphite contains very little impurities, making the graphite leads stronger to ensure a smooth writing experience. The leads produce smooth, sharp, crisp and dark lines, and are perfect for everyday writing and drawing.

Available in HB, 4H, 3H, 2H, H, F, B, 2B, 3B & 4B lead grades and various lead sizes. The G Neox Graphite leads are compatible with PILOT Super Grip, Super Grip Neon, Rexgrip, BegreeN Rexgrip, BegreeN Progrex, MR2 Animal Print, MR3 Retro Pop Mechanical pencils.



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