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Explorer Premium

Explorer Premium

Take PILOT with you wherever you go and discover your true potential. The ultimate travel pen and EDC Essential, the PILOT Explorer Pen is lightweight, durable, airtight and always ready when you are.

Pilot Explorer pen in Matte Black, in a flat lay, next to items as part of an everyday carry kit, including the Explorer gift box, a carabiner, car key, flashlight and ruler.

Wherever life takes you

The PILOT Explorer is always ready when inspiration strikes.
With an airtight cap and sturdy metal clip - write fast, with no hard starts.

Transition from work to play

Effortlessly and with confidence.
The PILOT Explorer is sleek, smooth and won’t weigh you down.

PILOT Pen pens for travellers with traveller journalling.

Durable and sustainable

The PILOT Explorer Fountain and Gel pen is designed to be your ultimate everyday carry and easily refilled.

Presented in a premium gift box that can be re-used as a pencil case, travel pack for toiletries or charging cables and fantastic for DIY watercolour palettes.


2 Nib Sizes available

Which PILOT nib size should you choose?

The Explorer Fountain is fitted with a PILOT stainless-steel nib, available in Fine and Medium.
Check out our writing samples using PILOT Signature Fountain Pen Ink.