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Paint Markers

Make your mark that lasts. PILOT paint markers write permanently on almost anything, indoors or outdoors. The quick-drying, water-resistant ink delivers a sharp, glossy finish that won't fade.

More than a pen, more than paint. PILOT Paint markers combine the convenience of a pen with the power of paint, letting you easily create on a variety of surfaces.




4 Tip Sizes available


It depends on the surface you are marking. The PILOT Permanent marker range is highly fade-resistant which may make it difficult to remove. You can use solvents and light oils, but this can damage the surface in the process. Porous surfaces are more challenging and the removal process can also damage the surface.

We recommend that you contact us, so that we may get a better understanding of the surface you are working with.

PILOT Pintor markers are not refillable.

Store horizontally or with the tip pointing up.

Pilot Pintor Marker can be used on:

  • Wood, Melanine wood

  • Glass and frosted glass

  • Plastic

  • Metal-Steel, Aluminum and epoxy coated

  • Paper

  • Carton

  • Polystyrene

  • Porcelain

  • Fabric : 100% cotton/linen; polyster/satin; popeline

  • Leather

  • Mineral (like stones)

  • Blackboard

For more details about material compatibility download the Pintor guide. Note that the compatibility, line precision and covering power are different according to the material. The tips to fix paint for best results & water resistance can be also specific according to the material. In order to get more information, please refer to the instructions leaflet to download.