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FriXion Erasable pens offer effortless correction, enhancing efficiency at work, school, and with planners. Their erasable ink allows for neat note-taking, precise scheduling, and easy adjustments, promoting organisation and productivity without the need for correction tapes of traditional erasers.



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An erasable pen is a versatile writing tool that lets you write, erase, and rewrite effortlessly without damaging paper or leaving residue. Whether drafting documents, sketching ideas, or taking notes on the go, it gives you the freedom to refine your work with ease. Discover more in our complete guide to erasable pens!

Erasable pens utilise a special thermo-sensitive ink formula. When subjected to heat, typically generated by the friction of the pen's built-in eraser, the ink becomes invisible. This ingenious feature allows for seamless corrections without leaving behind any residue or causing damage to the paper, ensuring your documents remain neat and pristine. Perfect for writing, drawing, and more. Learn more about how erasable pens work in our blog.

Write as you normally would, and if you need to make changes, simply turn the pen around and rub the page gently with the eraser tip. The heat from the friction will make the ink disappear, leaving you with a clean slate for rewriting or correcting. Quick, seamless, and ideal for any of your writing needs!

To refill your erasable pen, start by unscrewing the pen to remove the empty refill. Insert a new refill by aligning it with the tube and securing it in place. Reassemble the pen and you're ready to continue writing without interruption. Find out more about where to find your next erasable refill.

Yes, the ink in erasable pens can reappear when exposed to temperatures below -10°C. This is because the thermo-sensitive ink that becomes invisible due to heat can become visible again in extreme cold. To avoid this, keep your documents at room temperature.

Yes, erasable ink can indeed disappear when exposed to high temperatures. This unique thermo-sensitive ink is designed to become invisible when subjected to temperatures above 60°C. It is important to note that extreme heat sources, such as exposing your writing to direct sunlight can cause the ink to vanish.

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