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Gel Pens

Immerse your world in vivid hues with PILOT's gel ink pens. Our pens promise unmatched smoothness and precision, seamlessly blending vibrant ink for an impeccable writing experience.

With advanced gel ink technology, PILOT Gel pens guarantee flawless accuracy, creating consistently bold lines that meet the needs of both professional documentation and creative expression.

How to: Refill Your Gel Pens

  1. Twist the pen at the end to remove the used refill.

  2. Remove the used refill while holding the grip.

  3. Insert the new refill into the grip section of the pen.

  4. Reassemble your pen by screwing the end back on.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. PILOT G2 pens are refillable and use PILOT BLS-G2 refills. The refills come in different tip sizes and colours. They are compatible with any PILOT G2 pens.

Yes, PILOT G-2 gel pens are generally suitable for left-handers. The quick-drying gel ink and smudge-resistant formula make them a good choice for left-handed writers who often need to avoid smudging as their hand moves across the page. However, individual preferences can vary, so it's recommended to try the pen to ensure it meets your comfort and smudging requirements.

The environmental impact varies, but the pen barrel is designed with durability and longevity in mind, potentially reducing waste.

Absolutely, the G2 pen's quality and versatility make it a trusted choice for professional environments, ensuring your writing is both reliable and impressive.

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