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pop'lol Gel Pen

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Fade-resistant, pigmented gel ink for vibrant colours

Ideal pens for intricate colouring projects

Effortless writing experience with smooth ink flow

Retractable mechanism for swift access

Durable pocket clip and a convenient lanyard hole for easy access on the go

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Embark on a delightful writing journey with the PILOT pop’lol gel pen, igniting your imagination! This dynamic pen infuses joy and vibrancy into your writing experience. Its gel ink glides effortlessly, establishing a seamless flow and gratification. The spirited design and vivid hues awaken creativity, infusing each stroke with vitality.

Ideal for intricate colouring, note-taking, and creative ventures demanding a burst of colour. The ink maintains its brilliance, preserving your work's allure over time. The pen amalgamates functionality with style, featuring a retractable mechanism for swift access, eliminating the fuss of caps. A pocket clip and lanyard hole offer easy attachment to your notebook or lanyard, ensuring portability. With an array of bold colours, the pen complements your personal style impeccably.


Water Resistant


Light Resistant

Pocket Clip


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