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Erase, Rewrite, and Create with Confidence

Experience innovation with PILOT Erasable Gel pens, revolutionising the way you write. Our cutting-edge gel ink technology ensures smooth, bold lines that are not only vibrant but also erasable with precision.

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Erasable markers contain thermo-sensitive ink that becomes clear when heated by friction, allowing you to write, highlight, and colour-code. Simply use the built-in eraser to remove errors or refine your work for perfectly planned projects. Learn more about how erasable markers work in our blog.

Their erasable ink sets them apart, letting you plan, sketch, and highlight freely without leaving permanent marks. Unlike regular markers, their erasable nature encourages creativity, adaptability, and error-free projects.

Erasable markers are designed specifically for use on paper and other porous surfaces. Using them on non-porous surfaces may affect the ink's erasability. For best results, stick to standard paper, like your favourite journal!

Erasable markers are perfect for colourful study notes, art drafts, educational games, and highlighting key information. They're excellent for bullet journaling, colour coding, planning, and sketching, where flexibility and corrections are vital to creating and refining creative work with ease.

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