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Pintor Paint Marker

Pintor Paint Marker

These highly versatile markers excel on most surfaces such as paper, fabric, glass, or metal.

Let Pintor Paint Markers empower your creativity and help you make your mark on the world.

Available in a range of colours and tip sizes

PILOT Pintor comes in different tip sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium and Broad.

With up to 30 colours to pick from, Pintor is a multi-purpose D.I.Y. Paint marker that is perfect for all your decorating and customising projects.

Surround yourself with colour!

Learn more about Pintor

Check out our FREE tips and tricks guide, packed full of ideas and useful information on how to bring your creations to life.

Be inspired

Transform a ceramic owl into a vibrant masterpiece with the magical touch of Pintor!

For more project ideas, check out the Pintor playlist on our Youtube Channel.



4 Tip Sizes available

More fun projects with Pintor

Frequently Asked Questions

Before use, shake your Pintor marker about 20 times, hearing the ball move in the barrel. Prime the tip by pressing 3-4 times on a piece of scrap paper, until the ink starts to flow.

Store horizontally or with the tip pointing up.

Pilot Pintor Marker can be used on:

  • Wood, Melanine wood

  • Glass and frosted glass

  • Plastic

  • Metal-Steel, Aluminum and epoxy coated

  • Paper

  • Carton

  • Polystyrene

  • Porcelain

  • Fabric : 100% cotton/linen; polyster/satin; popeline

  • Leather

  • Mineral (like stones)

  • Blackboard

For more details about material compatibility download the Pintor guide. Note that the compatibility, line precision and covering power are different according to the material. The tips to fix paint for best results & water resistance can be also specific according to the material. In order to get more information, please refer to the instructions leaflet to download.

PILOT Pintor markers are not refillable.