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Have a Hoppy Easter with Pintor!

A simple craft activity, ideal for time-constrained parents seeking mess-free creative activities for kids during Easter, with a focus on using household items and PILOT Pintor Paint Markers to add colour and joy!

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Shannon Wong-Nizic

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The Hoppy Easter project features one simple craft template that can be stopped and started over many creative sessions, making it perfect for mess-averse, time-poor parents looking to put a smile on kids’ faces this Easter!

Watching a mini-maker get into creative flow is a joyful experience: their hands are busy, and they’re relaxed and engaged with whatever it is that they are making. Simple, low-pressure projects that give space for more creative experimentation and exploration keep children happy and enjoying the moment.

Our Hoppy Easter Craft Templates can be used in a variety of ways, reusing and recycling what you have around the house!

Putting on an Easter Bonnet Parade? Use a yoghurt tub, an old cap or sunhat as the base for your bonnet.

Need to make an Easter basket? Hit the pantry and decorate a cereal box.

Pull out those leftover Bamboo Skewers from your last BBQ and make some signs for your Easter Egg hunt!

Being a crafty parent doesn't require you to own the entire craft aisle! We love incorporating things we find in our garden or neighbourhood and have a small tub filled with PILOT Pintor Paint Markers. Whenever we need to add a splash of colour to a project, we pull the tub out - easy peasy!

PILOT Pintor Paint Markers make crafting super easy. There’s no need for extra brushes, pots of water and washing up – just grab your favourite colour, give it a shake and get painting!  There are 30 colours to choose from, including metallics, neon and pastels!

About Author

Shannon Wong-Nizic

Shannon Wong-Nizic is a teacher, mum of three and avid crafter.  An enthusiastic fan of pom poms, PVA and paint, she runs popular blog and online parenting resource dedicated to all things creative, and has a growing community of 30,000 followers on Instagram.

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