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Teacher’s Tips For a Smooth Transition Back To School

Miss B, a primary school teacher who goes by Lil' Miss Sunshinee on TikTok, shares valuable advice on getting kids ready for the upcoming school year after the holiday break.

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No sooner than the Christmas tree is boxed away and the holiday suitcases are unpacked, it’s time to get the kids ready for the new school year.  Making the most of the long break is the key to a smooth start, says primary school teacher, Miss B, also known as popular TikToker, Lil’ Miss Sunshinee.

Here are Miss B’s top tips to help ensure a smooth transition from home to school, whether starting for the first time, or going back:

1. To start a-fresh, you need to rest - So that your child is feeling ready to tackle the new school year and all the craziness that comes along with it, they need to feel like they actually had a break. Enjoy the holidays, enjoy the festivities and enjoy family time before everything picks back up again.

2. Keep learning alive - Learning in the holidays doesn’t have to look like traditional education. Keep your child’s brain buzzing by learning a new skill or hobby, including them in house-hold jobs or even playing board games at a family game night! They are still learning through all of these experiences; about rules, responsibilities, self-discipline, amongst others!

 3. Keep Reading – I always encourage my students to continue reading throughout the holidays! I even give them a book as a little Christmas gift before the holidays begin. Reading doesn’t have to be a chore. Read a magazine together, find a style of picture book or novel they like, engage in discussions about the text and bond over the reading. It’ll feel a lot more like quality time rather than reading for the sake of it.

 4. Practice handwriting – If your child is starting in Kindy, encourage them to practise writing their name. (PILOT Frixion pens are great for this, as kids can erase mistakes and start again to help build confidence).

5. I like to move it, move it! The transition back to school is made easier when children have kept physical throughout the holidays. Down-time like watching movies or playing video games can be great to relax, however, we also need to make sure our body stays happy. This will make the physical side of the back-to-school season, like sport, recess and lunch, a little less tiring as they have maintained the routine.

6. Routine, routine, routine - Speaking of routine, a relaxed holiday doesn’t have to equate to a lack of routine. Simple steps for your child to follow like waking up at a reasonable time, making their bed or laying out their clothes the night before can make transitioning back to school that little bit easier!

7. Let’s go shopping - Including your child in the process of preparing for back to school can make it a more exciting, positive experience. Giving them a choice in stationary, lunchbox or pencil case can create an anticipation to return to school. Who doesn’t want to use their new bright pink unicorn lunch box and a fabulous collection of PILOT pens & markers to start the new school year afresh!

8. T’was the night before school! Most students experience some level of anxiety or uncertainty towards returning to school. It’s the fear of the unknown. Who will my teacher be? Who will be in my class? These feelings are valid and completely normal. Keeping conversations about school in a positive light can help your child to navigate these emotions. Prepping their lunchbox, school bag and uniform the night before can also ease anxiety on the morning of.

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