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Organise your Home Office

Lisa Hodgson, founder of My Curated Life, a professional home organisation service, shares her tips to refresh and organise your home office for a productive and inspiring work year.

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The New Year is the perfect time to hit refresh on your working-from-home space to get you motivated and excited for the working year ahead.  Here, Lisa Hodgson, founder of My Curated Life, a professional home organisation service, shares her top tips to organise your workspace.

1. Clear clutter - visual clutter like stationery you no longer need, outdated paperwork or bills, and nick-nacks on your desk, can all distract you from your work. Remove the things you no longer need, use or love. (Most office stationery can be recycled by your local council or Officeworks). Consider replacing them with environmentally friendly items, such as PILOT’s BegreeN pens, which are refillable, to prolong their life.

2. Use a wall planner or desk diary - a smart wall planner or diary that blends everyday tasks with self-care, mindfulness, gratitude and goals, can be very motivational, helping you focus on your priorities, manage your tasks and achieve your long-term goals.

3. Stock up on your favourite stationery, pens, highlighters and markers - being surrounded by the things you love, boosts your mood and saves time. Having an organised backstock of your favourite pens, stationery and printer ink means you won't run out at an inconvenient time. (I love PILOT’s FriXion pens because they’re erasable, so if you make a mistake or need to change a meeting date, you can just rub it out, to keep your diaries and planners mess-free).

4. Give everything a home - keeping categories of things in a dedicated space makes finding what you need and tidying away much easier.  Where is the best spot?  Printer paper and ink by the copier?  Pens and Stationery close to hand near the desk?  Important documents securely filed away but easy to locate?  Remember to add some labels these will prompt you to maintain your newly organised space.

5. Organise your cables- Mixed-up cables all over your desk or floor are a safety hazard and look messy.  Invest in a cable box or use simple cable ties to tame the cable spaghetti. Adding a label will also help identify which cable belongs to which device.

6. Plan out your furniture and storage containers- You don't have to spend a lot on storage options, but make sure that the containers or furniture you choose are the right size and shape for your things. Desks with shallow drawers are great for storing pens and stationery, and a lockable filing drawer is brilliant for storing important documents.  A desk tidy, a pen pot, and a filing tray can help keep your space organised and tidy. Try adopting a clear desk policy and tidy everything away to mark the end of your working day.

7. Use magazine files -If you have a lot of work-related paperwork or documents, they are a great storage option; categorise, label and store them on a shelf or a cupboard. Display folders are great for loose paperwork, you can quickly flick the pages to find what you need. Label the spines and store them inside the magazine files.

8. Make it visually appealing- Think about how you want to feel while working. If you have a creative job, you might want to be inspired by your workspace. Some bright artwork or organising your pens & stationery by colour could be fun.  If you have a job that requires a lot of concentration limited distractions will be better; think of calming neutrals and lots of empty space.  Make sure the colours you choose to blend together and don't clash.

Lisa & Cath of My Curated Life dedicate their services by helping busy professionals enjoy their home by organising it for them

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