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Decorate & Personalise with Erasable Stamps

FriXion erasable stamps offer a playful twist on traditional stamping. Decorate planners, personalise cards, or mark calendars with Pilot's unique thermo-sensitive FriXion ink, allowing you to erase and restamp with ease. FriXion Erasable Stamps come in a variety of colours and designs, making them perfect for any occasion.

A hand holding many FriXion Erasable Stamps with a variety of shapes and vibrant colours.


25 Stamp Designs available


Erasable stamps are unique tools using thermo-sensitive ink that lets you create vibrant designs or symbols and erase them effortlessly. They come in a wide selection of colours and stamp designs, offering a playful, creative way to personalise your projects while allowing for flexible corrections without leaving any residue.

Using the same thermo-sensitive ink as erasable pens, the designs can be easily erased with the built-in erasable tip through friction or heat, making corrections simple.

No, each stamp comes pre-inked, eliminating the need for messy ink pads or refills. With the FriXion Stamp, you can confidently make your mark and let your creativity soar without worrying about running out of ink or needing separate accessories.

Erasable stamps are perfect for bullet journaling, planners, and art projects where flexibility is key. Mark important appointments, personalise notes, or add fun designs to educational games. Their erasable feature allows you to experiment with layouts and correct any designs until they're just right.

Yes, FriXion stamps are generally safe for children over three. Supervision is recommended to ensure proper use and prevent accidental ingestion of ink or small parts.

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