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FriXion Erasable Stamp

25 Stamp Designs

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Erasable ink for easy corrections

Variety of shapes and vibrant colours to enhance creativity

Convenient self-inking design for hassle-free use

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The PILOT FriXion Erasable Stamp is a unique and versatile stamping tool that uses PILOT's innovative thermo-sensitive FriXion ink. This specially formulated ink allows you to erase and re-stamp your designs with ease, without any damage or residue on your paper.

The FriXion Stamp is ideal for marking appointments in your diary, adding a personal touch to your notes, or unleashing your creativity in a multitude of ways. The stamp also features a convenient inbuilt hole for attaching it to a lanyard, so you can keep it handy wherever you go.

Each stamp comes pre-inked, eliminating the need for messy ink pads or refills. With the FriXion Stamp, you can confidently make your mark and let your creativity soar!


Lanyard Hole

Erasable Tip

Erasable gel ink

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