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Ready to partner with your business

At Pilot Pen Australia, we’re on a journey, as we consider both the product lifecycle and circular economy principles when developing products for your business. We see the effort being made by businesses and government departments to become more environmentally friendly in their operations. That’s why we’ve committed to helping your business transition to a circular economy that can support Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) led growth.

Find the perfect supplies for your business

We’ve designed a quality, Japanese produced range of writing instruments that can be refilled many times over to assist your business in achieving its goals. This includes gel and ballpoint pens as well as permanent and whiteboard markers.

PILOT Eco-Pack

Refilling a product is a great way to reuse a product and is at the heart of our sustainability approach – it’s about avoiding or eliminating plastic waste by extending the life of plastics and reducing the use of raw materials.

To get your business started on a journey of sustainable office products contact us to learn more and ask about a free trial of our new PILOT Eco-pack.

PILOT Pen Eco-friendly pens, the refillable pens in an ECO-PACK in a box in an office.

Helping your business measure your efforts

Thanks to our work with Lifecycles Australia, we can now help you measure the environmental impact of a business’s actions.

By showcasing the physical savings in both plastic reduction and CO2 emissions achieved through REFILLING actions, we hope to empower businesses to make more informed decisions that positively impact the environment.

Learn more about the impact that can be achieved using our sustainable pens and markers.