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Pintor Paint Marker

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Multi-purpose DIY Paint marker - Use on a variety of surfaces including plastic, metal, glass, wood, fabric, ceramic and dark surfaces

Water and Light resistant - versatile suitable for industrial, business and DIY projects

Water based marker - allows for ease of removal simply use water or rub alcohol on non-porous surfaces. The ink remains permanent on porous surfaces

Available in all different tip sizes and colours

Assorted coloured wallet packs available

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Pintor Paint Markers are the artist's best friend, a creative companion that brings colour and life to any project. These highly versatile markers excel on most surfaces such as paper, fabric, glass, or metal. Their quick-drying, water-based paint is richly pigmented, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results every time which is visible on smooth, rough and dark surfaces. With a range of tip sizes to choose from, you control your expression, whether it's in bold strokes or finely detailed lines. Removable with water or rubbing alcohol on non-porous surfaces, and permanent on porous surfaces. Let Pintor Paint Markers empower your creativity and help you make your mark on the world.

Comes in many assorted colours and 4 different tip sizes.

Xylene Free



Water Resistant


Light Resistant

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