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May the Fun Be With You: Turn Your Favourite Star Wars Character Into A Bookmark

Calling all Jedi crafters and Padawan artists! May the 4th be with you, and may it be filled with creativity! This year, celebrate Star Wars Day with a fun and functional craft – DIY bookmarks made with Pilot FriXion Color erasable markers.

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Stephanie Janolo

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Grogu or Baby Yoda Green Bookmark with FriXion Color Erasable markers and Pintor Paint Markers in the background.

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Why FriXion?

Because even a Jedi Master makes mistakes sometimes! FriXion's thermo-sensitive ink lets you erase and perfect your artwork with ease, just like rewriting the destiny of the galaxy.

Things you need:

Here's how to craft your own intergalactic bookmarks:

  1. Grab the Template: Download our FREE Star Wars-themed bookmark template.

  2. Unleash Your Inner Artist: Grab your favourite PILOT Color FriXion erasable markers and colour your bookmark.

  3. Fold Your Way to Fun: Cut out the squares and follow the easy origami folds to create your bookmark. May the Force (or our instructions) be with you!

  4. Share the Force: Show us your fantastic creations! Take a picture or video and share it on social media using #FriXionFun #MayThe4thBeWithYou.

May your bookmarks be strong, and your creativity limitless! Happy May the 4th from PILOT!

Watch THIS Video to See a Step-by-Step Guide!

DIY Star Wars Bookmark with FriXion Color Erasable Markers

About Author

Stephanie Janolo

At Pilot Pen Australia, she bridges the gap between digital and timeless writing instruments. Beyond the realm of pixels and algorithms, her inspiration strikes in the form of art, museums and lyrical narratives of Taylor Swift.

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