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G-2 Penstylus Gel Pen

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Acid-free, smooth ink gel ink

Rubberised Stylus tip is compatible with all capacitive sensing tablets and smartphones

Cushioned ergonomic grip for better writing comfort

Retractable mechanism with a pocket clip for convenient access

Refillable with PILOT BLS-G2 refills

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The PILOT G-2 Pen Stylus is a versatile tool designed to meet the needs of discerning professionals seeking functionality and flexibility. This innovative pen seamlessly merges the renowned retractable gel ink pen with a high-performance precision stylus.

Experience a premium writing journey with the G-2's super smooth black gel ink, coupled with an ergonomic rubber grip for unparalleled comfort during extended writing sessions. What sets this pen apart is its dual functionality—the rubberised stylus tip, compatible with all capacitive sensing tablets and smartphones, ensures a seamless transition from traditional writing to navigating your digital devices.

Additionally, the G-2 Pen Stylus is environmentally conscious and cost-effective, as it is refillable with PILOT BLS-G2 refills, allowing you to enjoy its versatile capabilities for years to come. Choose the G-2 Pen Stylus and elevate your professional toolkit with a writing instrument that adapts to your diverse tasks and demands.

Whether you're jotting down notes, sketching, or browsing the web, the G-2 Pen Stylus is your ideal companion for work, home, or school, offering versatility that caters to your multifaceted needs.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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