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G-Knock Retractable Gel Pen | BegreeN

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Super smooth gel ink for bleed-free, vivid writing experience

Long, ergonomic grip for better writing comfort

Retractable mechanism with pocket clip for easy access when you're on the move

Refillable with PILOT BLS-G2 refills

Pen’s barrel is made from 84% recycled plastic

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Enhance your writing experience with the myriad advantages offered by the PILOT G-Knock Retractable Gel pen. This instrument seamlessly blends heightened productivity, self-assuredness, and a touch of refinement to elevate your writing endeavors.

The G-Knock's impeccably smooth and uniform ink flow engenders a sense of ease and contentment, transforming writing into an enjoyable pursuit. The retractable configuration not only enhances convenience, but also; mitigates concerns related to caps and ink smudging. Unwavering in durability and reliability, this pen cultivates an environment of trust, permitting users to concentrate on their contemplations uninterrupted.

With a sleek and polished design that radiates professionalism, the G-Knock commands attention in any environment. Furthermore, it employs vibrant, acid-free gel ink and is furnished with an elongated rubber grip to augment writing comfort. The G-Knock Gel pen’s barrel is made from 84% recycled plastic. It accommodates PILOT BLS-G2 refills, promoting sustainability by obviating the need for disposal while enabling continued use of your preferred writing instrument.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip


Made from recycled materials

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