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Juice Up Metallic Gel Pen

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Light and Water-resistant gel ink

Synergy Tip technology for incredibly smooth writing experience

Sleek design and comfortable grip

Retractable mechanism with a pocket clip for convenient access

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Experience the innovative retractable PILOT Juice Up gel pen with Synergy Point Tip technology. This technology combines a fine line with an incredibly smooth writing experience. The hybrid tip design provides durability and resistance to bending, combining the benefits of a cone tip and a needle tip.

The ink used in these pens is designed to be water-resistant, meaning it is less likely to smudge or bleed when exposed to water or other liquids. This feature is especially beneficial when using the pens for tasks or projects that may involve contact with moisture, ensuring your writing remains legible and intact even under such conditions.

Available in six metallic colours, this pen is not only stylish but also eco-friendly as it is refillable, reducing plastic waste. The 0.4mm tip delivers a precise 0.25mm fine line, making it perfect for detailed work. Plus, with its sleek design and comfortable grip, it's the ideal pen for everyday use at work, home, or school.


Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip


Water Resistant

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