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FriXion Point Erasable Gel Pen

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Thermo-sensitive ink that erases with friction generated by a built-in eraser on the end of the pen

Needle tip for writing precision

Pocket clip for convenient access

Available in a wide range of ink colours

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Write, Erase, Rewrite! PILOT FriXion Point erasable gel pen, crafted especially for young minds to flourish! This incredible pen empowers kids to write fearlessly and unlock their true expressive potential, providing a safe space without limits.

Whether you're sketching, writing heartfelt stories, or creating playful doodles, this pen's remarkable erasability gently guides you to effortlessly refine and modify your creations as you please. The smooth and seamless writing experience it offers turns every stroke into a delightful adventure, fostering joy and creativity.

FriXion Point offers a sleek design and an innovative ink technology that is class leading. The friction-generated heat caused when rubbing the paper with the eraser tip, turns the ink invisible. FriXion Point pens are available in a variety of colours to suit your writing style.

The pen's erasability fosters a sense of flexibility and adaptability, while its smooth ink and vibrant colours inspire creativity. The satisfaction of refining your work and the playful nature of erasing and rewriting contribute to an enjoyable and fulfilling writing process.

So why wait? Try FriXion Point today and experience the smooth writing and unparalleled comfort that only a high-quality erasable pen can provide.

As the ink is erasable, never use it on legal documents, exam papers, or when writing cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave writing where it may be subjected to high temperatures for a prolonged period. Ink will reappear at approximately -20°C.

Erasable gel ink

Rubber Grip

Erasable Tip

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