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FriXion Point Metal Erasable Gel Pen

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Thermo-sensitive ink that erases with friction generated by a built-in eraser on the end of the pen

Sleek and sophisticated barrel design with pocket clip

High-tech synergy tip for writing precision


Write, Erase, Rewrite! Experience an enhanced writing journey with the PILOT FriXion Point Metal erasable gel pen. Its sleek and sophisticated design exudes elegance, infusing your writing routine with a touch of refinement. Feel the sense of control and precision with its smooth ink flow and fine point tip, empowering your penmanship. Embrace the freedom of the erasable feature, effortlessly correcting mistakes while preserving the integrity of your work.

Furthermore, its thermo-sensitive ink is a game-changer, erasable with friction alone. Seamlessly erase and rewrite without leaving a trace, maintaining a clean and professional appearance. This exceptional capability elevates your satisfaction and instills peace of mind as you unleash your creativity with the FriXion Point Metal pen.

As the ink is erasable, never use it on legal documents, exam papers, or when writing cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave writing where it may be subjected to high temperatures for a prolonged period. Ink will reappear at approximately -20°C.

Erasable gel ink

Pocket Clip

Erasable Tip

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