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Explorer Fountain

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Lightweight resin barrel makes it an EDC essential

Airtight cap mechanism prevents the tip from drying

Smooth, durable stainless steel PILOT nib

Presented in a modern gift box with a Signature Ink Cartridge (IC-50)

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No matter where your travels take you, the PILOT Explorer is always ready for action when inspiration strikes!

A sliding cap seal mechanism ensures your pen is airtight, so hard-starts are a thing of the past, while the coated metal clip ensures your pen stays secure on the go. Expect a smooth ride every time with PILOT’s in-house stainless steel nib, paired with the included Signature IC-50 Ink Cartridge that's ready to unleash your thoughts and ideas onto paper. Crafted with a durable and lightweight resin barrel, the Explorer won't slow you down and offers swift and fatigue-free writing.

The possibilities are endless when the PILOT Explorer is installed with a CON-40 or larger CON-70 Ink Converter - opening the door into the colourful world of fountain pen inks!

Unleash your thoughts and ideas with the PILOT Explorer, the ultimate travel companion and EDC Essential, where comfort and style meet adventure!


Pocket Clip

Gift Box


Which PILOT nib size should you choose?

The Explorer Fountain is fitted with a PILOT stainless-steel nib, available in Fine and Medium.
Check out our writing samples using PILOT Signature Fountain Pen Ink.

How-to: Refill your Explorer Fountain Pen with a Push-button Converter

Upgrade your PILOT Explorer Fountain Pen with our CON-70 Converter. With a push of a button, refilling with your favourite PILOT Iroshizuku Ink is effortless.

Frequently Asked Questions

When storing your fountain pen, ensure it is always capped or retracted to avoid drying out.

We recommend storing it horizontally or with the fountain pen nib up if it is inked.

Piston fillers like the CUSTOM 823 have a blind cap at the end of the barrel which should be screwed down to close off ink flow, making it a superb pen to travel with.

One of the pleasures of fountain pens is that they require very little pressure to write as ink flows smoothly through the nib. Be more gentle than you would with a ballpoint or rollerball. Pushing too hard will damage the nib.

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50) & Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) Only:
Desk Fountain Pen, MR Range, Prera, Cavalier, E95s, Capless

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50), Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) & Push Button Ink Converter (CON-70):
Kakuno, Explorer, Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM 74, CUSTOM 742, CUSTOM 743, CUSTOM 845, CUSTOM Heritage 912, CUSTOM Heritage SE, CUSTOM Urushi, Namiki

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