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Push Button Converter for PILOT Fountain Pens

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Reusable fountain pen ink converter

Easy to fill push-button mechanism

1.1ml Ink capacity

Compatible with select models


The PILOT Push Button Converter (CON-70) makes refilling your fountain pen effortless! Immerse your converter into the ink bottle upright and push the button 5 to 6 times to fill. Specially designed to provide a steady flow of ink, allowing your creativity to flow unhindered.

The reservoir has a capacity of 1.1ml and is compatible with the PILOT Kakuno, Explorer, Falcon, Justus 95 and cartridge/ converter fillers within the Custom and Custom Heritage Range.


How-to: Use your PILOT Push Button Converter

Easily refill your fountain pen with a few quick presses of the push button!

Frequently Asked Questions

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50) & Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) Only:
Desk Fountain Pen, MR Range, Prera, Cavalier, E95s, Capless

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50), Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) & Push Button Ink Converter (CON-70):
Kakuno, Explorer, Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM 74, CUSTOM 742, CUSTOM 743, CUSTOM 845, CUSTOM Heritage 912, CUSTOM Heritage SE, CUSTOM Urushi, Namiki

Cartridge-Converter: A cartridge-converter fountain pen can use either ink cartridges or an ink converter. The converter is a removable and refillable unit that replaces the cartridge. It allows users to draw ink from a bottle, providing more ink options than cartridges alone.

Vacuum Filler: A vacuum filler fountain pen utilises a vacuum mechanism to draw ink into the pen's reservoir directly from an ink bottle. By compressing and releasing a mechanism on the pen, the vacuum is created, pulling ink into the pen. It offers a larger ink capacity than cartridge-converter pens and is relatively easy to refill.

Piston Filler: A piston filler fountain pen employs a piston mechanism built into the pen's barrel. By twisting the end cap, the piston moves, creating a vacuum that draws ink into the pen from an ink bottle. This mechanism also provides a higher ink capacity compared to cartridge-converter pens and allows for easy refilling without the need for a converter or cartridges.

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