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First Ebonite-lacquered fountain pen made in-house by maki-e artisans

PILOT's largest Size #30 Nib in Two-Tone 18K Gold

High-gloss Lacquer over an Ebonite body that warms to the touch

Fitted with a Push-Button Converter (CON-70) for easy refilling

Presented in an elegant gift box with a Signature Ink Cartridge (IC-50)

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Experience pure luxury with the PILOT CUSTOM Urushi fountain pen. Created by skilled maki-e artisans, this pen is a true work of art. Its Ebonite-lacquered cap and wax lacquered barrel, made using the exquisite Roiro Urushi technique, add to its elegance.

The CUSTOM Urushi features elegant gold accents and PILOT's largest No. 30 Nib in Two-Tone 18K Gold, produced in-house and embodying the masterful craftsmanship and precision involved with the creation of the overall fountain pen. PILOT understands that the nib is at the heart of every fountain pen, shaping the writing experience. Whether you seek a smooth, flowing line or a controlled, intricate stroke, PILOT aspires for every fountain pen to become a personalised tool for self-expression, making every stroke on paper a delight for the senses.

Presented in a premium gift box, complete with a PILOT Push-button Converter (CON-70) and Signature Ink Cartridge (IC-50), ensuring a personalised writing experience. Elevate your writing to a whole new level of sophistication with the CUSTOM Urushi Fountain Pen. Where the artistry and exceptional craftsmanship of maki-e converge in a luxurious masterpiece.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most fountain pens like the PILOT Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM and CUSTOM Heritage range have threaded (twist) caps. When using a fountain pen for the first time, it is best practice to try unscrewing the cap first to prevent unnecessary damage.

If you prefer a fountain pen with a friction-fit cap, that opens and closes with a satisfying 'snap!', we recommend the PILOT Kakuno, MR Range, Explorer, Cavalier and E95s.

When storing your fountain pen, ensure it is always capped or retracted to avoid drying out.

We recommend storing it horizontally or with the fountain pen nib up if it is inked.

Piston fillers like the CUSTOM 823 have a blind cap at the end of the barrel which should be screwed down to close off ink flow, making it a superb pen to travel with.

One of the pleasures of fountain pens is that they require very little pressure to write as ink flows smoothly through the nib. Be more gentle than you would with a ballpoint or rollerball. Pushing too hard will damage the nib.

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50) & Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) Only:
Desk Fountain Pen, MR Range, Prera, Cavalier, E95s, Capless

PILOT Signature Cartridge (IC-50), Rotary Ink Converter (CON-40) & Push Button Ink Converter (CON-70):
Kakuno, Explorer, Falcon, Justus 95, CUSTOM 74, CUSTOM 742, CUSTOM 743, CUSTOM 845, CUSTOM Heritage 912, CUSTOM Heritage SE, CUSTOM Urushi, Namiki

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