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CUSTOM Heritage 92

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Elegantly engraved, rhodium-plated 14K Gold Nib (PILOT #5)

Wide-selection of nib sizes to suit your style, produced in-house

Twist piston-fill mechanism for easy refilling

Ink is pulled directly into transparent barrel, offering high ink capacity

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Designed to captivate both the eye and the imagination, the PILOT Custom Heritage 92 fountain pen boasts a semi-transparent barrel that unveils the intricate piston-filler mechanism of the piston, coil, and black stopper that engages whenever you refill. As you write, the clear barrel allows you to marvel at not only the remaining ink but also the romance of colour that flows through the pen, adding an extra touch of charm to your writing experience.

The CUSTOM Heritage 92 offers an engraved rhodium-plated 14K Gold Nib (PILOT #5), produced in-house, in a wide array of nib options, catering to various writing styles and preferences. PILOT understands that the nib is at the heart of every fountain pen, shaping the writing experience. Whether you desire a seamless, flowing stroke or a precise, intricate line, PILOT envisions each fountain pen transforming into a unique self-expression tool, bringing immense pleasure to every stroke on the paper.

With a 1.2ml capacity barrel, there is no need to worry about running out of ink at the most crucial moments— the Custom Heritage 92 ensures you have ample supply to fuel your creativity. Presented in a premium PILOT gift box, this fountain pen is a statement of refined taste and attention to detail.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A piston filler is a type of fountain pen that uses a piston mechanism to draw ink into its reservoir. When the pen's end cap is rotated, the piston moves inside the barrel, creating a vacuum that draws ink into the pen. They usually hold more ink as they do not require a cartridge or converter. Piston fillers like the CUSTOM Heritage 92 are popular among fountain pen enthusiasts for their convenience, large ink capacity and transparent demonstrator barrels.

Cartridge-Converter: A cartridge-converter fountain pen can use either ink cartridges or an ink converter. The converter is a removable and refillable unit that replaces the cartridge. It allows users to draw ink from a bottle, providing more ink options than cartridges alone.

Vacuum Filler: A vacuum filler fountain pen utilises a vacuum mechanism to draw ink into the pen's reservoir directly from an ink bottle. By compressing and releasing a mechanism on the pen, the vacuum is created, pulling ink into the pen. It offers a larger ink capacity than cartridge-converter pens and is relatively easy to refill.

Piston Filler: A piston filler fountain pen employs a piston mechanism built into the pen's barrel. By twisting the end cap, the piston moves, creating a vacuum that draws ink into the pen from an ink bottle. This mechanism also provides a higher ink capacity compared to cartridge-converter pens and allows for easy refilling without the need for a converter or cartridges.

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