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Elegantly engraved 14K Gold Nib (PILOT #15)

Plunger vacuum-filling system for effortless refilling

Ink is pulled directly into barrel, offering highest ink capacity

Presented in a luxury gift set with a bottle of PILOT Signature Ink (INK-70)

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For the discerning writer, the PILOT CUSTOM 823 Fountain Pen offers a luxurious combination of modern convenience and timeless charm. The unique plunger vacuum refilling system allows for easy and convenient refilling without the need for a cartridge or converter, while also offering a large 1.5ml ink capacity that ensures plenty of uninterrupted writing time. Available in either a smoky transparent amber or black finish, the barrel provides a glimpse of the remaining ink supply and unique filling mechanism.

PILOT understands that the nib is at the heart of every fountain pen, shaping the writing experience. Whether you seek a smooth, flowing line or a controlled, intricate stroke, PILOT aspires for every fountain pen to become a personalised tool for self-expression, making every stroke on paper a delight for the senses. It boasts an elegantly engraved 14K gold nib (PILOT #15), manufactured in-house, that provides an unmatched glide and flow, giving writers a memorable writing experience, and earning its status as a holy grail fountain pen.

This sought-after fountain pen is presented in an attractive box set that includes a premium gift box and a special 70ml bottle of PILOT Signature Ink (INK-70). Whether you're treating yourself or gifting someone special, the CUSTOM 823 Fountain Pen is sure to make a lasting impression.


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Enjoying your CUSTOM 823

Engaging the plunger vacuum-filling system to ink and refill your fountain pen is thrilling each and every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

A vacuum filler is a type of fountain pen that uses a vacuum mechanism to draw ink into its reservoir. They usually hold more ink as they do not require a cartridge or converter. Ink is stored in the body of the pen, which is often transparent for users to see the ink level. Vacuum fillers like the CUSTOM 823 are favoured by those who write extensively and appreciate long writing sessions without frequent refills. They are great for travelling due to their high ink capacity and ability to cut ink flow from the main ink chamber when the piston is screwed down.

To clean a vacuum filler fountain pen like the CUSTOM 823, it is recommended that you flush the pen with warm water, by repeating the filling process until the water runs clear. Allow to dry overnight on an absorbent towel with the end cap open. Do not disassemble the pen to clean.

A common experience for first time users of vacuum filler fountain pens, is writing with the end cap screwed down, which obstructs ink flow. To write, it is recommended that you gently unscrew the end cap to allow a gap of 2mm for ink to flow from the main ink chamber to the feed. Once done writing, screw the end closed, taking care not to overtighten as this can damage threads or cause stress on the barrel.

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