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Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil | BegreeN

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Comfortable grip for reduced hand fatigue

Smooth writing without frequent lead advancements

Lanyard hole for hands-free accessibility

Pocket clip for convenient portability

Uses PILOT's BegreeN Progrex Polymer Leads and BegreeN G Neox Graphite leads

Pencil's barrel is made from 74% recycled plastic

Refill times and you could reduce

Carbon emissions

Equal to driving km


Plastic use

Equal to plastic bottles


Prepare for an exceptional writing or drawing experience with the PILOT Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil. Feel the ergonomic design cradle your hand, offering unmatched comfort during extended sessions. Expect smooth, flawless lines as the high-quality mechanism glides effortlessly across the page, reducing the need for frequent lead advancements.

But there's more to this pencil—it champions sustainability! Crafted from recycled materials, the Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil actively fights waste and supports our planet. And here's the best part—it's built for the long term! Its robust construction and reliable lead advancement mechanism ensure it remains your steadfast companion for years.

Choose the PILOT Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil to maximise savings and minimise waste. With its refillable feature, say goodbye to disposable pencils & sharpeners as you effortlessly replace the lead, promoting sustainable creativity. BegreeN Rexgrip Mechanical Pencils are refillable with PILOT’s Progrex Polymer Leads and G Neox Graphite Leads. Rexgrip BegreeN Mechanical Pencil barrels are made from 74% recycled plastic.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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