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Acroball Hybrid Ballpoint Pen White Barrel Black Ink | BegreeN

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Archive safe, advanced oil-based ink which offers smudge free writing

Soft rubber grip for extra writing comfort

Retractable Tungsten Carbide Nib for super smooth writing experience

Pocket clip for easy access when you're on the move

Refillable with PILOT BRFV-10 refills

The pen’s barrel is made from 79% recycled plastic

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The PILOT Acroball is a ballpoint pen that uses a Hybrid-ink technology which offers a super smooth writing experience. The oil-based ink dries quickly, ensuring that your writing is clear and smudge-free. Its smooth and effortless writing brings comfort and enjoyment. The Acroball ink is resistant to water, light, alcohol, acid, ammonia, bleach, acetone, oil and more. It is cheque safe and archive safe.

The eco-friendly design fosters a sense of environmental responsibility, contributing to a feeling of well-being. The pen's vibrant ink and precise lines evoke creativity and inspiration, uplifting the mood during writing tasks.

This pen glides across paper with unprecedented smoothness, thanks to its reliable tungsten carbide nib that will not wear out or deform. The pen is equipped with an ergonomic grip, ensuring that it can be held comfortably and with precision. Its retractable tip eliminates the need for lost caps, making it a practical and convenient writing tool.

The pen’s barrel is made from 79% recycled plastic. Acroball pens are refillable with PILOT BRFV-10 refills. Refilling your pen is cost-effective and enables you to use your favourite pen for a long time. With its combination of superior performance and sustainability, the BegreeN Acroball ballpoint pen is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and eco-friendly writing instrument.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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