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Feed GP4 Retractable Multi-function Ballpoint Pen | BegreeN

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Smooth oil-based ink that provides a clean, vibrant writing experience

Rubber grip for enhanced writing comfort

Versatility of 4 pens in 1 pen body

Comes with Black, Blue, Red and Green coloured inks

Lanyard hole for convenient access

Refillable with PILOT RFNS-GG refills

The pen’s barrel is made from 81% recycled plastic

Body Colour

Choose a colour

Ink Colours

Refill times and you could reduce

Carbon emissions

Equal to driving km


Plastic use

Equal to plastic bottles


The PILOT Feed GP4 Retractable Multi-function Ballpoint pen embodies versatility, nurturing creativity and organisational prowess, thereby cultivating efficiency and contentment. The spectrum of four vibrant ink hues serves as a catalyst for inspiration and self-expression, ultimately enhancing the holistic writing experience.

Employing oil-based ink, the Feed GP4 ensures fluid and consistent writing, renowned for its prompt drying capabilities, ideally suited for professionals with active schedules. Moreover, the GP4 is a refillable pen, accommodating PILOT RFNS-GG refills. The pen’s barrel is made from 81% recycled plastic.

Embracing a refillable pen, such as the Feed GP4, yields several benefits. It proves cost-effective, diminishes environmental footprint by curbing waste, and permits the continued use of a beloved pen over an extended period, thus diminishing the necessity for frequent replacements.



Lanyard Hole

Rubber Grip


Made from recycled materials

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