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Acroball 3 Hybrid Multi-function Ballpoint Pen | BegreeN

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Archive safe, advanced oil-based ink which offers smudge free writing

Rubber grip for enhanced writing comfort

Retractable Tungsten Carbide Nib for super smooth writing experience

Refillable with PILOT BVRF-8F refills

The pen’s barrel is made from 75% recycled plastic

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The PILOT Acroball 3 Hybrid Multi-function Ballpoint Pen provides a fantastic writing experience, contributing to emotional well-being. Its hybrid ink allows smooth gliding on paper, bringing satisfaction. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip enhance comfort and control while writing. The pen's ability to switch between ink colors promotes personal expression, creativity, and a sense of joy and individuality in the writing process.

The Acroball 3 is a high-quality writing instrument designed for exceptional performance. Its barrel houses both black and red Ink, providing versatility for various writing needs. The pen features a robust coil spring clip, ensuring durability and secure attachment to pockets or notebooks. With a convenient lanyard hole and pad printing capability, it serves as an ideal promotional pen, leaving a lasting impression. The unique rubber tyre grip enhances your writing technique by providing a firm hold on the barrel. Moreover, the Acroball ink sets itself apart with its remarkable resistance to water, light, alcohol, acid, ammonia, bleach, acetone, oil, and more. It is specifically designed to be cheque-safe and archive-safe, ensuring long-lasting legibility and preservation of your written work.

The Acroball 3 is designed for refilling with PILOT BVRF-8F refills. By using refills, you can extend the lifespan of the pen, reducing waste and contributing to environmental sustainability. Choosing refillable options helps minimise the consumption of single-use pens, making the Acroball 3 a responsible choice for those seeking a durable and eco-friendly writing instrument. Acroball 3 pen’s barrel is made from 75% recycled plastic.



Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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