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Evolt 2+1 Multifunction Pen

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Smooth, twist retractable mechnanism

Slim high-gloss barrel, in timeless executive colours

Includes two ballpoint pen inks (Black/Red) and mechanical pencil in one barrel

Refillable with PILOT RF-8 0.7mm ballpoint refill and 0.5mm leads

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The PILOT Evolt 2 + 1 is a multifunctional writing tool that brings together elegance, convenience, and versatility. This writing tool combines two different ballpoint pen inks in one barrel for easy switching between Black and Red ink and an additional mechanical pencil. Its twist mechanism makes it easy to retract and extend the pen or pencil whenever you need to. The Evolt 2 + 1 is easily refillable, taking PILOT's RF-8 0.7mm ballpoint refill and 0.5mm leads, adding flexibility to your writing arsenal.

Whether you need to make quick notes, jot down a grocery list, or whip up a fast sketch, the Evolt 2 + 1 is the perfect tool for any job. With its classic look and comfortable feel, you can be confident that you have the most reliable and functional writing tool available.



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