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BPS-GP The Ballpoint Grip Stick Pen

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Smooth flowing oil-based ink

Triangular-shaped grip that allows your fingers to adopt a natural, comfortable grip

Pocket clip for easy access on the go

Refillable with PILOT RFN-GG refills

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The PILOT BPS-GP Ballpoint pen brings a sense of joy and satisfaction as it effortlessly glides across the page. Its smooth ink flow allows your thoughts to flow freely, inspiring creativity and a sense of ease in writing. With the BPS-GP pen, you can trust its consistent performance. It becomes a reliable companion, ensuring your words are captured with clarity and precision, boosting your confidence in every stroke.

The BPS-GP is designed for comfort with a soft rubber grip that conforms to the natural position of your fingers while writing. The pen features oil-based ballpoint ink that flows smoothly, making writing a breeze. Its lightweight design helps alleviate writing fatigue, making it ideal for extended writing sessions.

The pen is fitted with a stainless-steel tip and a tungsten carbide ball, ensuring it resists wear and tear and lasts longer.

The BPS-GP is a refillable pen and uses PILOT RFN-GG refills, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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