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Dr Grip 4+1 Multi-function Ballpoint Pen

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Ergonomic design ensures comfort and reduces hand strain during use

Four ink colours and a mechanical pencil for versatile tasks and creativity

Retractable mechanism with a pocket clip for easy access on the go

Refillable with PILOT BVRF-8F refills and 0.5mm leads

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The PILOT Dr. Grip 4+1 is the definitive choice for those seeking the pinnacle of a multi-function ballpoint pen. Beyond its practical versatility, this pen offers a diverse range of emotional benefits. Its ergonomic design guarantees comfort during extended use, alleviating hand strain and enhancing focus. Dr Grip 4 + 1 features 4 ballpoint colours and a mechanical pencil in a sleek body.

The Dr. Grip 4+1 transcends mere utility; it evolves into a loyal companion, nurturing a sense of ease and effectiveness that elevates productivity. Its refined, professional appearance mirrors an unwavering commitment to excellence. With this pen in hand, users confidently approach their daily responsibilities, knowing they possess a dependable, ergonomic tool that supports emotional well-being and enhances overall performance in educational or professional environments.

The Dr. Grip 4+1 is refillable with PILOT BVRF-8F refills and 0.5mm Leads.



Rubber Grip

Pocket Clip

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