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Dr. Grip Advance Ballpoint Pen

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Quick-dry and water-resistant ink

Soft rubber grip for enhanced writing comfort

Designed to have optimum weight distribution which counters writing fatigue

Pocket clip for easy access when you're on the move

Refillable with PILOT BRFN-10 refills

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The PILOT Dr. Grip Advance Ballpoint Pen is the perfect solution for anyone experiencing hand fatigue while writing. Developed with this problem in mind, this pen utilises an advanced ink formula that is not only super smooth but also quick-drying and water-resistant.

In addition, the grip texture, barrel diameter, balanced body weight, and low-viscosity ink refill work together to ensure a smooth and comfortable writing experience. The pen's unique design includes two layers of silicone rubber that provide optimal weight distribution and help to relieve pressure on the hand, making it the ideal choice for those who write for extended periods.

And with its compatibility with PILOT BRFN-10 refills, you can easily refill the pen and continue using it for a long time.



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