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Super Grip G Stick Ballpoint Pen

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Copied to Clipboard

Smooth flowing oil-based ink

Grid grip for extra control and writing comfort

Refillable with PILOT RFN-GG refills

Pocket clip for convenient access

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The PILOT Super Grip G Ballpoint Pen with its smooth ink flow and comfortable grip provides effortless writing, and a sense of satisfaction and control. The consistent performance and reliability of the pen help reduce stress and frustration, allowing you to focus on expressing your thoughts and ideas. With its high-quality construction, the Super Grip G pen instills confidence and a sense of pride in your writing, elevating your overall emotional well-being.

The pen features an extended grip with over 270 grid-shaped pads that reduces fatigue during long writing sessions. The grip area has also been extended towards the tip of the pen to accommodate various pen-holding preferences. The pen comes with a convenient clip and cap that covers the grip when not in use, keeping it clean and free from stains.

The pen is refillable with PILOT RFN-GG refills, making it an environmentally friendly choice.


Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

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