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Have some ‘Eggscellent’ Fun and Get Crafting this Easter!

Create a calming "Craft Bubble" in your home this Easter with creative activities to ground and relax children while fostering family traditions and reducing screen time, and featuring PILOT Pintor Paint Markers for mess-free crafting.

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Shannon Wong-Nizic

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Holiday periods like Easter provide us with a beautiful opportunity to create calming family traditions, particularly after so many of us have had a turbulent school term dealing with issues surrounding COVID.

Creative pursuits help children feel grounded and calm. It requires them to busy their hands, put down their screens, still their minds and be present in the moment. These are such important self-care skills for little ones to learn growing up in today’s fast-paced, news-driven world.

Here are some tips to create a calming ‘Craft Bubble’ in your home this Easter:

  1. PJ all day – put the brakes on the grind of the daily school routine by declaring Easter Friday ‘PJ Day’. No more rushing to clean teeth, tie shoes and racing out of the door.  Watch the look of glee on your kids’ faces when you tell them they get to wear their PJ’s all day – and don’t forget to join in for added fun!   You’ll be guaranteed to enjoy the change of pace too.

  1. Crazy breakfast – give the kids the chance to choose or make their own breakfast – however crazy it is! Decide the day before so you can get everything they need. So what if it’s Nutella toast with Sprinkles or Purple Pancakes – the crazier the better! It’s one day a year and you’re making memories to last a lifetime.

  1. Get crafty – after a nice slow start to the morning, get the craft kit out. If you’re mess-averse, there’s no need to panic. You can enjoy some wonderful craft projects with scissors, coloured pens and pencils. All-in-one paint markers such as Pintor are a great option as there’s no need for messy paint pots and brushes and you can use them on any type of material – perfect for decorating eggs, hats or Easter baskets.

  1. Screens off – having time off the screen is crucial to enjoying time together. For many families, the lockdown led to more screen time whilst we all struggled with the juggle of work and domestic duties.  With older children, come to an agreement over how and when the screens will be turned off and stick to it.  By taking time off, children can learn the value of being able to concentrate on a task, a conversation and enjoy the moment without distraction from the outside world.  Time off screens and connecting with you through crafting together is a great way to build the warm and fuzzy feelings that contribute to children’s sense of safety and security.

Download our Easter craft templates to help create a ‘calming craft bubble’ in your home this holiday period. Make a cute Bilby hat to celebrate and support our native wildlife, perfect for the Easter Hat Parade!

Or build an ‘Eggscellent Spoonville’ whereby you can decorate wooden spoons to look like Easter Eggs and plant them around your neighbourhood. It's a wonderful way to connect with friends and your local community through sharing the joy of craft!

PILOT Pintor Paint Markers make crafting super easy. There’s no need for extra brushes, pots of water and washing up – just grab your favourite colour, give it a shake and get painting!  There are 30 colours to choose from, including metallics, neon and pastels!

About Author

Shannon Wong-Nizic

Shannon Wong-Nizic is a teacher, mum of three and avid crafter.  An enthusiastic fan of pom poms, PVA and paint, she runs popular blog and online parenting resource dedicated to all things creative, and has a growing community of 30,000 followers on Instagram.

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