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Make fun, easy homemade cards with PILOT FriXion Erasable Fineliners Markers

Discover the joy of creating homemade cards using PILOT FriXion Erasable Fineliners, allowing you to colour and experiment with easy-to-erase ink keeping the creative juices flowing.

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Bea Farrarons

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Create homemade cards and experience the fun imaginative side while doing it. By using PILOT FriXion Erasable Fineliners users can experience an enhanced precision writing and drawing journey. The user has peace of mind knowing that at any point in time precise lines or drawings can simple be erased using the rubber at end of the pen and the journey of precision creativity can be re-started.

You will need:

Step by Step:

Cut an A4 paper cardstock into half and then fold.

Make fun and inspirational doodle drawings using a theme such as "Happy Birthday" or "Let's Party" and then draw and colour in using the PILOT Frixion Erasable Fineliners. If you make a mistake, doesn't matter the PILOT FriXion Erasable Fineliners will simply be able to rub out the concept so you can start again.

Choose from a wide variety of Fineliner colour selections to make all your creations come to life.

Explore the attached video to come up with some creative ideas to make doodles, drawings and fun homemade cards come to life.

About Author

Bea Farrarons

Bea Farrarons is mum of two and avid crafter. An enthusiastic fan of DIY art and Craft projects. She has developed a range of fun mistake-making and correcting craft activities using FriXion erasable pens. Bea runs popular Instagram account @_simply_bea_ and has a growing community of 25,900 followers.

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