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Nurturing Mistakes Through Art and Craft with PILOT FriXion Erasable Gel Pens

Foster spontaneous expression in your kids and unleash their imaginative potential through craft activities that encourage them to embrace 'mistakes' and encourage self-assurance.

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Bea Farrarons

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Experts highlight the significance of fostering a mindset that encourages children to embrace mistakes, recognising them as valuable lessons in resilience and self-assurance.

Embrace spontaneous expression: Create an art and craft area stocked with various materials, inspiring your children to explore by mixing different mediums. Let them draw with paint, use markers to add color, and decorate with stickers, fostering limitless creativity without being fixated on the end product. By adopting the present and emphasising the process, children can fully embrace the endless opportunities offered by different materials, recognising that the journey is what truly matters, not the final outcome.

Unleash imaginative potential: If your child has a particular idea in mind, like drawing a cat or a flower, but it doesn't turn out as expected, show them how they can transform it into something different. Nurture their imagination and inspire them to view mistakes as opportunities for creative exploration. This approach promotes a sense of relaxation and strengthens their confidence in their own creative abilities.

Equip them appropriately: Preschoolers and toddlers naturally stumble upon mistakes—observe their sheer enthusiasm when they daub paint! Unfortunately, this carefree disposition often wanes as they enter school and feel compelled to evade blunders. To counteract this, ensure that they possess the proper tools to assist them. From personal experience, I use PILOT FriXion pens due to their erasable ink, allowing children to rectify mistakes effortlessly and commence again. This empowers them to venture into uncharted territories, particularly in areas like handwriting.

Share and learn together: One of the extraordinary aspects of convening around an arts and crafts table, regardless of age (yes, even teenagers), is the ambiance of focused engagement and shared creativity. Within this harmonious and non-confrontational environment, where each individual is engrossed in their own creations, conversations flow organically. Seize this opportunity to engage in open discussions. Share your personal encounters with mistakes in life and how you gleaned wisdom from them. Storytelling and exchanging insights substantially aid children in comprehending that mistakes form an inherent part of life. Furthermore, they can acknowledge that errors contribute to personal growth, rendering us stronger and wiser individuals.

By implementing these strategies, we can assist children in developing a positive attitude towards mistakes, cultivating their resilience and self-assurance. Through artistic endeavours and crafts, they can delve into the delight of creative expression while embracing the valuable life lessons that mistakes have to offer.

About Author

Bea Farrarons

Bea Farrarons is mum of two and avid crafter. An enthusiastic fan of DIY art and Craft projects. She has developed a range of fun mistake-making and correcting craft activities using FriXion erasable pens. Bea runs popular Instagram account @_simply_bea_ and has a growing community of 25,900 followers.

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