Perfect Pens for School and Work

The Christmas decorations are packed away and the last of the ham truly gone.  Now it’s time to get ready for the new year ahead.

“If you’ve got kids, then it pays to be organised.  Check the school equipment list and make the shopping list together to help make it fun and exciting,” says parenting expert Dr Karen Phillip.

A typical school stationery list will include:

  1. Pencils
  2. Rubber
  3. Ruler
  4. Felt tip colouring pens
  5. Handwipes
  6. Whiteboard markers
  7. Pencil Case

“Add school shoes, socks, backpack, lunch box, water bottle and uniform to this list and make sure you shop ahead to avoid last minute rushing and unnecessary stress,” she says.

Karen advises sitting down with a planner or diary before school starts to show your child what is happening each day.

“Get them involved in the planning – even if they can’t write, yet they can use a stamp or draw a picture or symbol so they can easily see and understand the routine at a glance.”

Whether back to school or work, it pays to have the right stationery for the job.  Featuring thermo-sensitive ink, Frixion is a great choice because you can rub out diary changes and completed tasks as you go to keep you on track.

“Frixion can help you keep your mind and your work clutter-free to help you feel in control of your time schedule and your ‘to do’ list.  It helped me a lot when I first started my post-graduate course,” says student and planning guru, Nathalie Vamben, aka Instagram’s urbanmissplanner26.

From felt tips to gel pens, highlighters and more, Pilot Pen’s Frixion has all of your stationery needs covered for home, school and work this new year.  Mix and match from across the range, which includes:

  • Frixion Ball – an erasable gel ink pen in ten colours – great for notes, handwriting, studying and general use, available in medium, fine and extra fine tip.
  • Frixion Clicker – a retractable erasable pen in a choice of seven colours, available in medium, fine and extra fine tip. Click the clip of the pen to retract the tip.
  • Frixion Point Knock – an elevated version of the Clicker, with a smooth and ultra-fine 0.4mm Synergy Tip in a choice of eigh colours.
  • Frixion Light – a fantastic erasable highlighter in a choice of six colours. Perfect for studying.  Highlight textbooks and notes, then rub it out without a trace.
  • Frixion Light Soft – soft pastel coloured erasable highlighters in a choice of four colours.
  • Frixion 3 in 1 – the ultimate handy 3-in-1 erasable pen with 3 ink colours (black, blue and red).
  • Frixion Colors – erasable felt tip markers in a choice of ten fun colours. Colour, draw, craft and create and if you make a mistake, rub it out and start again.
  • Frixion Finelinercomfortable and ultra-resistant felt-tip – perfect for fine precise line drawing and writing.
  • Frixion Stamps – erasable stamps featuring 24 motifs – great for diaries and planners.

Nathalie Vamben is an avid planner and organiser.  She works full time, is completing a Master’s degree and runs a popular Instagram account, urbanmissplanner26, offering planning inspiration, insights and tips.

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