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FriXion Point Knock Erasable Gel Pen

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Thermo-sensitive ink that erases with friction generated by a built-in eraser on the end of the pen

High-tech synergy tip with rollerball that offers neat, precise strokes

The sleek barrel design offers a modern and sophisticated appearance

Pocket clip for convenient access

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Write, Erase, Rewrite! Explore the world of precision writing with PILOT FriXion Point Knock erasable gel pen! This elegant pen redefines precision and sophistication with its slim design and practical clip, making it an ideal companion for everyday writing tasks. The synergy tip, featuring multiple dimples, ensures a consistently smooth and scratch-free writing experience, allowing for unparalleled precision with its fine 0.4mm tip.

But that's not all! FriXion Point Knock introduces PILOT's innovative thermo-sensitive ink, enabling instant erasing and rewriting. Correcting mistakes is effortless with the built-in eraser – watch the ink disappear before your eyes! Enjoy exceptional comfort with the ergonomic grip, providing control and ease during writing. Say goodbye to lost caps with the retractable fine tip that clicks out with ease!

Embrace the cycle of writing, erasing, and repeating with FriXion Point Knock's erasable ink. Elevate your writing with this exceptional pen, which seamlessly blends innovation and functionality. Bid farewell to errors and unlock flawless writing with FriXion Point Knock – the ultimate tool for modern writers.

Please note that as the ink is erasable, it should not be used on legal documents, exam papers, or when writing checks. To prevent accidental erasure, avoid leaving writing in high-temperature environments for extended periods. The ink will reappear at approximately -20°C."

Erasable gel ink


Pocket Clip

Rubber Grip

Refill your FriXion Point Knock

With FriXion Point Clicker there’s no need to discard the pen – simply refill with PILOT LFPKRF refills for eco-friendly writing.

PILOT Pen FriXion Point Knock 0.4 Gel Pen 0.4mm in blue, writing a to-do list on a desk.

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