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PILOT Pens iroshizuku Fountain Ink in red in a glass bottle with silver box on a white background

iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink Bottle - 50ml

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Rich colours inspired by Japanese natural landscapes

High-quality, well-behaved water-based ink, suitable for modern fountain pens

Iconic glass bottle design allows you to refill to the last drop

Also available in 3 x 15ml Box Sets and Ink Cartridges

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Bring the quiet beauty of the Japanese landscape to your creative practice with PILOT iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink. Each colour is a unique offering that reflects the changing natural landscape of Japan through each season - distilling beautiful moments into a bottle, such as the colour of the deep sea when illuminated by the moon or the interesting texture of a stone pavement that is wet with drizzle.

This well-behaved, water-based ink is suitable for all modern fountain pens, and can also be used with a paintbrush or dip pen. Perfect for calligraphy and drawing, this ink makes it easy to express yourself on paper with its range of 24 complex and vivid colours.

Each fountain pen ink is presented in an elegant 50ml glass bottle with premium packaging, adding to the known pleasure that comes with the Art of Writing.

Key colours are also available in Box Sets of 3 x 15ml Mini Bottles as well as Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges for added convenience.

The iconic design of PILOT’s iroshizuku glass bottle

Aesthetically pleasing but also functional:

  • An innovative dip at the bottom aids the positioning of your pen tip and allows you to enjoy every drop of ink.

  • A wide opening caters to refilling larger fountain pens.

  • An elegant string adorns the neck of each bottle, to capture any ink that may have accumulated around the cap or opening.

Explore all 24 Colours. Inspired by Nature.

Exquisite moments captured in every bottle: like the moonlit hue of the deep sea or the ever-changing texture of a stone-paved path after a storm.

Frequently Asked Questions

A combination of the Japanese words: ‘iro’ 色 meaning colour and ‘shizuku’ 雫, translating to dew or droplet.
PILOT iroshizuku reflects our mission to distill the unique beauty of the Japanese landscape into every colour droplet found in each bottle of fountain pen ink.

No - most fountain pen inks are water-based/water-soluble and the rich, vivid colours available within the PILOT iroshizuku range could not be achieved with a waterproof formula.

The advantages of water-soluble inks are that they are more well-behaved and require less maintenance when used in fountain pens. With the pigments or iron gall particles that are used in waterproof inks, there is a risk of clogging or damaging your fountain pen, especially if left in it for a long period of time.

Another enjoyable aspect of using water-soluble inks, especially when sketching and painting, is the ability ‘pull colour’ from the ink like you would with watercolour paints. Further dimension can be added to a sketch when using a wet paintbrush.

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