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G-2 Gel Refill

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Smooth and consistent ink flow

Available in a range of vibrant ink colours

Hassle-free replacement, ensuring minimal downtime when your pen runs out of ink

Compatible with PILOT G-2, G-Knock, G-2 Penstylus and B2P Gel pens

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The PILOT G-2 Gel refills offer an exceptional writing experience. With their long-lasting ink capacity, reduced smudging, and smooth, consistent flow, these refills ensure neat and precise lines.

Whether you're a student, professional, or creative enthusiast, the BLS-G2 refills offer practicality and quality, making them an excellent choice to enhance your writing performance.

The PILOT G-2 Gel refills are compatible with various pens within the PILOT Pens range. Some popular pen models that can use this refill include the G-2 gel pens, B2P Gel pens, G-2 Penstylus and G-Knock, among others. The wide compatibility allows users to enjoy the practical benefits of BLS-G-2 refills across a wide range of PILOT pen options.


Advanced Fast Drying Ink

Acid Free

How to: Refill your PILOT G-2 Gel Pen

Simply follow the below 4 step guide to refill your favourite G-2 gel pen.

  1. Twist the pen barrel to remove the old refill.

  2. Insert the new refill in the grip section of the pen.

  3. Assemble the pen back together by re-twisting the barrel.

  4. Dispose the old refill carefully into the general waste bin.

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