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Pilot Prera Transparent Fountain Pen in Green
Pilot Prera Transparent Fountain Pen in Green

Prera Transparent Fountain

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Pocket-sized transparent body showcases the beauty of fountain pen ink

Snap cap protects the PILOT superior stainless steel nib

Includes Rotary Converter (CON-40) and Signature Ink Cartridge (IC-50)

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Embrace the beauty of everyday moments with the PILOT Prera Transparent fountain pen, a pocket-sized treasure that effortlessly fits into your life. As the ink gracefully dances within its transparent body and cap, it evokes a sense of timeless allure and captures the essence of your heartfelt words.

The compact and lightweight barrel demonstrates elegant simplicity, allowing you to carry the power of expression wherever you go. With its integrated rubber lining and snap cap design, your PILOT stainless steel fountain pen nib remains protected and sealed, always poised to bring your innermost thoughts to life at a moment's notice. Fitted with a CON-40 Ink Converter, you can explore a spectrum of ink colours and adapt your writing to suit every mood and occasion. A Signature IC-50 Ink Cartridge is also included, ensuring that your journey of self-expression can begin without delay.

Let the PILOT Prera Transparent become the instrument through which your love and creativity flows, forever capturing the essence of your unique story.


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Which PILOT nib size should you choose?

The PILOT Prera Fountain Pen is fitted with a PILOT stainless-steel nib, available in Fine and Medium.
Check out our writing samples using PILOT Signature Fountain Pen Ink.

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