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Parallel Pen

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Beautiful, sharp lines with parallel plates, perfect for calligraphy and sketching

Exclusive, mixable ink for stunning colour gradation

All-in-one kit includes 2 ink cartridges (Black/Red), cleaning accessories and instructions

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Discover the PILOT Parallel pen: your ultimate tool for creating stunning calligraphy. With its unique dual-plate nib design, this pen effortlessly delivers sharper, more precise lines than any other calligraphy pen on the market. Our specially formulated ink ensures vibrant and eye-catching results every time.

Experiment with transferring the PILOT Mixable Colour Ink between nibs to create blended colours and gradients. The PILOT Parallel pen comes complete with a black and red ink cartridge, a pipette, a nib cleaner, and an easy-to-follow instruction pamphlet. Available in 6 different sizes, this pen will take your calligraphy skills to the next level wherever you are on your journey.


Mixable Ink

Start your Calligraphy Journey

For patterns, flourishes, lettering or calligraphy: The PILOT Parallel Pen is the simple way to give all your creations a decorative and personal touch.

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