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‘Disconnect’ and ‘Re-Connect’ Through Craft This Halloween

Discover three delightful Halloween-themed craft activities using PILOT Pintor Paint Markers by Shannon Wong-Nizic of Oh Creative Day, designed to connect with loved ones near and far while adding a creative twist to the holiday season.

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Shannon Wong-Nizic

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Shannon Wong-Nizic of Oh Creative Day has three special activities using PILOT Pintor Paint Markers that can be shared with loved ones near and far!

This year, we may not be able to ‘trick or treat’ in the same way as we normally do but crafting is a great way to connect with family and friends this Halloween.

Just because we are apart, doesn’t mean we can’t collaborate creatively. The Pintor Monster Quarters activity is a fun way to work on a project together. Cut the monster up into quarters and send a part to a friend or family member. Everybody gets the chance to put their creative twist on a part of the monster before all the parts are sent back to you and it all gets glued back together! Don’t forget to pop your monster mouth on top of your mask when you share your creations to put a smile on everybody’s face!

Pintor Monster Quarters

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Shannon Wong-Nizic

Shannon Wong-Nizic is a teacher, mum of three and avid crafter.  An enthusiastic fan of pom poms, PVA and paint, she runs popular blog and online parenting resource dedicated to all things creative, and has a growing community of 30,000 followers on Instagram.

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