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Progrex Polymer Lead Refills | BegreeN

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PILOT Progrex Polymer Leads bring a sense of confidence and ease to your writing, allowing you to express yourself effortlessly. The smooth and consistent flow evokes a feeling of satisfaction and joy. With their high break resistance, you can write without worry, instilling a sense of reliability.

Progrex Polymer Lead refills are available in 0.5mm lead diameter in HB, B and 2B lead grades. These leads are engineered to fit seamlessly into PILOT Mechanical pencil models, ensuring a perfect match for a smooth and efficient writing experience. With Progrex Polymer Leads, you can confidently use them in your favorite PILOT Progrex Mechanical Pencil | BegreeN, Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil | BegreeN and Rexgrip Mechanical Pencil, knowing they are tailor-made for each other.


Made from recycled materials

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